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Haunting Renewed: ME/CFS Ghost Update

ME/CFS Ghost Blog UpdateThere have been so many changes lately and some related to The ME/CFS Ghost. Do you ever feel that even though you’re ill and nothing really happens in your life, time goes so fast and you’re always ‘busy’? I feel like that even when I’ve spent more time in bed than out. It is the same with these changes; physically and practically, I guess they’re nothing major. But for me, they’re very much all consuming! I guess that is the way when health and energy are in short supply.

Of the changes affecting The ME/CFS Ghost (I’ve got to find a shorter way to convey that! TMCG?) the main one is that it now has a new home! Yep, it is all set up on its very own site and no longer on Blogspot. I did this because I realised that I had been neglecting TMCG and not really treating it as a real blog, like I do with the other sites I write on. Yet the subjects I write about here are perhaps more important than the others put together! Also, it felt right to head out on my own and try something a little differently.

As I mentioned the other sites I write for, I would like to say that I now no longer write for any sites but my own. If you’ve followed my previous posts, you’ll know that I sometimes wrote on sites like Squidoo. I had less and less time and energy to write on those sites and had begun to concentrate more on my own sites anyway. However, the drastic changes made on some of these other sites, and the fact that from October 2014, Squidoo will no longer exist, I’ve decided to delete all my content from them and go it alone.

What this will also hopefully mean is that I will be writing more often on here, health allowing of course. But the worst of the summer symptoms seem to be abating, so I am hopeful that I’ll be getting more done. I hope you like the ‘new’ site. Today marks the beginning of a new The ME/CFS Ghost.

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