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Christmas Humour

Santa Pug and other Christmas HumourRight about now, with two weeks left until Christmas, I’m sure there are more than a few frazzled folk out there. I’ve not had to send any cards or buy any more presents and I’ve been more stressed this year than usual! I guess it’s the reason I’ve been working so hard lately. But yesterday I decided, I’d had enough of the stress and I was looking at some funny Christmas pics. I can’t be the only one feeling like this so I decided to share some of the Christmas humour with you. Put down that wrapping paper, stop searching Amazon and just take a break for a minute! Please note none of the images are mine but you’ll find the credit and terms of use links at the end.

Christmas Credit Crunch and other Christmas Humour

Occupy North Pole and other Christmas HumourWe all spend too much at Christmas (yep, even people like me) but I loved ‘The Credit Crunch hits the North Pole’ especially when I read the story behind it! The illustrator sent this out as a Christmas e-card to his friends and family. I guess the implied message was “If you’re wondering what happened to your Christmas presents, things in the North Pole are a mess right now!” Then again I guess they realised that when they received an e-card.

Original Bad Santa and other Christmas HumourI hope there aren’t any children reading (who am I kidding, they’re all on YouTube, not on some old fogey’s blog).

I’m sure Santa’s reaction to any kind of ‘Occupy’ scenario in the North Pole will be this. Not that much different to the reaction from our own governing bodies. However, I have to admit to having at least some sympathy for the man in the red suit! Now I’m thinking that I called him Santa…growing up it was always Father Christmas, not Santa. Does anyone in the UK use the name Father Christmas anymore? I’ll have to ask my sister how she refers to him when she tells that old story to her son.

A Christmas Story and other Christmas HumourI’m not sure if this kid is happy to have received his gift or like the majority of people totally bummed out. Maybe it could be used as some kind of Rorschach test and your answer would reveal something deep about your personality. All I know is that it made me fear my nephew’s reaction to the gift I got him. After his reaction to his birthday gift, I guess this kid’s enigmatic look is something to hope for.

Last Minute Xmas Gifts and other Christmas Humour

Well, I better let you get back to the buying or you’ll be in the same state as this guy!

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