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The Joy of Audio Books

Grateful That My Ears Still Work!

The joy of audio books when you have a chronic illness

This morning I chatted with my friend LJ after months. We had a great conversation as usual, but amongst all that, she asked me if I had heard of a podcast series called ‘Serial‘. I had not, but after looking at the site I was intrigued. It may sound depressing to some people, but I do love true crime stories and this series is an audible documentary investigation, rather than a visual one. LJ said she was interested in listening to the series but had heard it was really addictive so she would wait until she had some free time. I figured I’d listen to the first one while I did some work, as I always have an audio book playing in the background. A little can’t hurt, can it? Famous last words! The first one was 54 minutes long and I swear I sat there just listening doing absolutely no work. It is just so good! I sent LJ a message telling her I didn’t know whether to kick her or hug her for telling me about the series. But it’s really not her fault; I just couldn’t resist.

I’ve been a voracious reader ever since I first picked up a book and discovered that the words on those pages could take me into different worlds. Even Roger Red Hat and Co really impressed me. One of the hardest things to handle when I became ill was that I had to curb my reading habits. Eye strain, migraines and not being able to focus on the page I was looking at didn’t exactly make for a great reading experience. Then someone gave me an audio book, and that opened up the world of stories for me once again. At first I only listened to audio versions of books I had already read. This was mostly because I didn’t have to concentrate too much because I already knew the story. But it wasn’t long before I started buying new audio books. I went back to reading when my symptoms got better, because no narrator, no matter how talented, can beat that inner voice in my head. This past year or so I’ve had to go back to listening, and my library of books has grown and grown!

If anyone out there is wondering what to get an ill friend for Christmas I would really recommend an audio book or if you don’t know what book they want, maybe a gift voucher so they can buy their own books. I used to have an Audible membership so I could download the books directly to my laptop, but they’re now part of Amazon, so it’s even easier to get audio books. I have so many health problems, but I can tell you one thing for sure, I am so grateful that my ears still work! I spend a lot of time alone but not really because I have my audio books. Some of them I listen to again and again, which may sound strange to some people, but I love them! If you can’t afford to buy audio books, then there are some great podcasts that you can listen to for free.

Oh and it’s the evening of the 9th and I’m just adding this to the site to go live in the morning and I’ve almost completed ‘Serial‘! I’ll add a full review on Spooky Fangs in the next couple of days.

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