Christmas Shopping Aftermath


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Christmas Shopping Aftermath

This weekend I proved that even when we know something will be bad for us, we go ahead and do it anyway. Two weeks ago I wrote a series of posts about how to get through Christmas planning and buying. The advice in them was sound, except I didn’t practice what I had preached. On Saturday I ventured out to do some Christmas shopping. In my own defence, I needed some items that I really couldn’t order as the store I visited doesn’t have an online store, also the reason I chose to go on Saturday (a day I usually avoid the shops) is because it was the only day I could get someone to go with me to carry my shopping.

I was really lucky because I went out early and it wasn’t as busy as I was expecting it to be. But the post-exertional malaise has kicked in full force. Yesterday I was achy and fatigued, but as is usual, today I feel even worse. So as soon as I have this written and posted I’ll be heading back to bed.

The lesson of this story is that no matter how good your intentions are, this is the time of the year where you may be forced to do more than your body can handle. Try to get as much help as you can and leave yourself some time for rest and recuperation afterwards. I would be feeling much worse if I hadn’t had someone help me with my shopping trip and I rested all day yesterday and I plan to do the same for the rest of today.

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