Google AdSense FAIL!


Writing about Illness

Yesterday I was browsing through my blog, making sure all was fine when I saw an advert displayed at the bottom of my last post which was a total Google AdSense FAIL! Here’s the ad:

What an awful place to put a Funeral Planner Ad

Yep, there’s a honking great advert for a Funeral Planner. You may think I am silly, but it really took me by surprise. In one sense, it’s quite ironic because ME sufferers are always fighting for greater understanding and recognition of this illness, which can be fatal, although in the majority of cases is not. I know we complain that no-one takes ME seriously but that’s taking it a little too far, don’t you think? The advert seemed to be saying “You’ve got ME? Here, organise your funeral!”

I really felt like my ME/CFS blog was absolutely the wrong place for a Funeral Planner’s advert, but then I wondered, where would the right place be? Seriously, it is true that we are all going to die, but nobody likes to think about it. So, if you owned a Funeral home, would you advertise your funeral planning services? After all, that too is a business like any other. If you were to advertise, where would you put the advert? Which types of websites would you aim for? Do you think targeting (not that I’m saying this was specifically targeted) a blog about a specific illness is a little too on the nose, or just good business sense?