Letting Life Get in the Way


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Letting life get in the way when you have a chronic illness...

I’ve had to take a break this week from my pledge to post every day. I’m going to be alone for two weeks, so I’ve needed to prepare for that time, in case I’m not well enough to go out and buy food or run errands. I love writing and I spend much of my time working on my sites, but I’ve decided to use my meagre energy reserves on spending time with loved ones. I hardly get to see friends and family, and at this time of the year, as people have time off work, there are more opportunities to socialise.

So this weekend I’ve planned to meet my cousin and her teenage son. They’ve invited me to go to a gallery with them. I’m not so great with the walking about, but I am still looking forward to it. I may have to pull out my trusty walking stick. Then I have time to rest before Christmas Eve, when I will be joining my whole family for the day as that will be our Christmas. In the week after Christmas I hope to be well enough to visit extended family. Another cousin had a baby back in September and I’ve wanted to go and see her for a while now. My two dearest friends also want to meet me at some point, but I have yet to work that in.

I’ve hit my stride now with gluten free food at home, so I hope that eating out won’t present much of a challenge. My family are aware of my restrictions and my dad, who will be cooking, even called me to discuss what I could and could not eat. The problem will be with restaurants. The cousin I am seeing this weekend also has things that she can’t eat, so it’ll be interesting finding somewhere that suits both of us! But this is London, if we can’t find something here, then we won’t find it anywhere.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I’m OK, and have not had a huge relapse, I’m just letting life get in the way for once! In case I don’t post again before Christmas – I hope you all have a great one, no matter what you end up doing. Please remember to rest when you can and don’t over-schedule! I will also practice what I preach…promise!