ME Sufferer’s Christmas Card Dilemma


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ME Sufferer's Christmas Card Dilemma

You probably don’t think that something as simple as whether or not to send Christmas cards could be such a dilemma when you have ME, but that’s exactly what it is. Up until a couple of years ago I made every effort to buy, write and send cards to friends and family, and this was something I loved to do. But gradually it began to seem like a chore more than a joy. Just writing even a few cards was so difficult both physically, as I get joint and nerve pain in my hands and arms, and mentally trying to concentrate on getting the job done. I remember one year I was in such a brainfog that I had problems keeping names and addresses straight; a waste of perfectly good cards. Also, I stopped working, so the cost of buying and sending cards just seemed like such a ridiculous waste. My main issue was that I don’t like to do anything that is not done with love, and I had really stopped feeling any love in the act.

It’s been at least two years now, and I’ve just stopped sending any cards at all. I’m totally fine with my decision now, but it was difficult at first and I felt guilty. Another knock on effect of this is that many people have stopped sending me cards and I thought that would have made me feel bad, but I actually feel good about it. Some people may have stopped because if they don’t receive, they won’t send, and that is fair enough. But I know a number of people have stopped sending Christmas cards because they think it is a waste of paper and money. I read an article yesterday where the guy worked out how much money he spent on buying and sending cards and he donates that to a charity each year. Good for him.

The only cards I do receive now are from other ME sufferers, who totally understand why I don’t send cards. The one I received yesterday was from my friend who is unable to use her hands anymore due to RA. If you are like her and don’t want to give up Christmas cards and can afford it, then do what she does and get your cards pre-printed, similar to what companies do with their corporate Christmas cards. Or if you’re super organised, start writing out your cards weeks before December, so you’re not rushing to do them all in one sitting.

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