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OTC Treatment Options for Patients with ME
This is a follow up to the poll that I posted a while back. If you haven’t already seen it and answered the questions then I would really urge you to do so by visiting Over-the-Counter ME Treatments Poll. Even if you have already taken the poll, you can go back and view the results of what other people said.

I know a lot of you have been wondering how I came up with that list of treatments. A friend who is also an ME sufferer sent me the above list as her friend, another ME sufferer, was given that list of OTC treatment options by an ME specialist at Sutton hospital. My friend and I were pretty appalled by the list. Yes, there are treatments listed on there that people may find helpful, but it’s still shocking that you’re referred to a specialist and they give you something like that. You can join any ME forum and get a similar list in just a few minutes and not have to wait to see a specialist. I must admit, that I don’t know the full treatment plan that the lady who is attending the hospital is receiving, so it’s not really fair for me to make assumptions about the medical treatment being offered to her. So I’ll stick to that one sheet of paper.

My first objection may sound really petty, especially considering the name of this blog, but ‘CFS/ME’ seemed a bit unnecessary, when ‘ME/CFS’ is most commonly used. It’s like the ME is just grudgingly tagged on to the end of CFS. Especially as further down the sheet, only ‘CFS’ is used to refer to the illness.

I have my own thoughts about the treatments suggested but these are based on my own experiments. Going by the answers people gave to my poll, the majority of the people that answered had similar results as me, but some people evidently found some help and relief where I didn’t.

The one treatment that I was really interested to try especially as I have problems with sleep disturbances in summer is Phenergan, but after going through the entire list with my pharmacist I was told that it is only available with a prescription.

So, what do you think, both about the treatments that are suggested and the fact that this sheet is being given to patients. Do you think it is a good basic guide for ME patients? The lady who was given this sheet had already tried most of them as she has been ill for well over a decade. Do you think it would make a difference to those that are newly diagnosed or is it helpful for all patients? Are there any Over-the-Counter ME Treatments that you would really recommend or dissuade people from trying?

As always, I am not doctor and these are just my own opinions, so please speak to your doctor before trying/not trying any of these.