The ME Nightmare Before Christmas


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The ME Nightmare Before Christmas

I started this week having to face the reality that December is upon us and I’m going to have to make some really uncomfortable decisions about my plans for the holidays. My sister invited me to spend Christmas with her and her family several weeks ago, and I did say yes to her, but seriously at the time I hadn’t even really thought about it. Then my mum asked me this weekend if I was planning on going home and I told her I hadn’t thought about it. But yesterday all I saw were messages about people putting up their Christmas trees and I even received my first card in the post, and I know I better start deciding what I want to do. It’s strange because I had a really good day yesterday, because I was really enthusiastic about the plans and ideas I had for my blog and I was teeming with ideas. Plus I felt like I’d had a really productive day. Then in the evening the Christmas blues set in.

It Wasn’t Always This Way

As anyone in my family will tell you, I was the embodiment of Christmas spirit before my illness got the better of me. I loved planning and cooking Christmas dinner, spending time with my family and especially all the socialising in the work place at this time of the year. Christmas day, I’d be in the kitchen, with my Christmas CD playing and just enjoying myself to the max. I’m an Atheist so Christmas has never had any religious significance for me, but I love the more relaxed atmosphere and even the chaos of shopping. I lived a very hectic busy life, so Christmas was always a fabulous time for me to let down my hair and just enjoy myself. But that all began to slowly change as my energy levels dipped.

Christmas Can Be A Nightmare When You’re Ill

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year” or so we’re lead to believe, but the reality is far from it. The shopping and socialising can leave healthy people ready to collapse by the time Christmas day rolls around. For the chronically ill, these pose real challenges and can cause relapses which take months to recover from or even mean permanent health issues. I’ve totally trimmed down my activities around Christmas for this very reason. I wanted to write about some of the challenges I’ve had to deal with related to Christmas, and that I know other ME sufferers have to deal with every year. Rather than list them all in one very long post, I’ve split them up into individual posts for each topic.

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